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Over the holiday season, I was researching how to rank on Amazon for clients' books and my own books. I have discovered things you can do with keywords, categories, and even the annual program Amazon Advantage to improve rankings. That said, Amazon isn't everything and every avenue. In fact, it's just a start. I found this very useful but long excerpt, How to Use Categories to Drive Book Sales. Basically, we can elect to choose the two most specific, in demand yet less competitive categories -- books with similar content to ours. Here is a little more about why you want the Kindle Best-Seller ranking and how to get it. Choosing Keywords Self-Publishers can also select 7 Keywords that relate to their book's...

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New Ideas to Promote a Service via Ebooks

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Do you want to promote a coaching or consulting service? Do you do guest talks, hold workshops, etc?  Then there is no better way to broaden your service awareness and extend your intellectual property than with an eBook. An eBook, when done in a strategic way, can cement your authority in a niche. For instance, I have a client who is an Organisational Development consultant and her topic of interest is "followership". Not many people are looking for that topic, however the related topic "Leadership" is pretty hot. So in branding her book, it would have to clearly explain the USP (unique selling proposition) of this book and solve a problem.  Something like "Get Your Team to Lead", Subtitle: "Relax, Reduce Conflicts, and Smile More with...

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Smashwords eBook Distribution Far and Wide

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Smashwords is a free conversion and distribution service for eBooks, and has become a time-saving necessity for self-published eBook authors. It does take some technical knowhow and a lot of patience. While provided to help, the Smashwords Guide (120 pages) may have you in fits of frowning and moaning if your book in Word has many footnotes, a Word Table of Contents, and images. This Guide is not up to date with my version of Word (2008 for Mac). I do have a way through the chaos, whereby I get a fairly good styled Word .docx and take it through the Jutoh conversion process and make an ePub. The process includes "cleanup", removal of hidden tabs, and conversion to different formats to check, however if there...

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