Why Book Design is a Specialist Field

book design specialist

Here we are talking about indie book publishing and book design. By your fourth book, using templates and/or preformed styles, you might be at the stage where you can typeset your own book beautifully. But DIY design your first book and you could end up with a very non-standard looking book indeed. For instance, the leading (line spacing) may be too tight to read comfortably. Too many questions may come up, like: what is the correct page margin? How do I line up the text bottoms? How do I achieve a consistent look? Granted, for fiction you could probably get away with using Microsoft Word... if you make it a standard book size with correct margins for the chosen printer or print-on-demand host. Sizing… There are plenty of rules....

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How to Publish a Book

It's not as difficult as it once was to self-publish your own book (or ebook).  First off, decide how much work you want to take on before getting all excited. You may think writing is the main thing, yet editing, production, and marketing a book is equally time-intensive and important. Writing As a mentor/writing coach, I can even help you with the writing part by giving you pointers in a Skype session every month as you write. Along with a timeline co-created, this will keep you on track towards your goal. At Key Person of Influence they promote writing a book in 30 days (high sweat!). At Power of Words, we suggest a three month or six month schedule, fit around your work...

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Getting your Book Reviews without Stress

We all want great book reviews, fast, without pleading on Facebook or running the risk of being banned for not complying with the Terms on Amazon. Today we found you the ideal solution, if you don't mind paying $19.95 US for 10 reviewers to read and respond on your ebook! Recommended by the Book Marketing Tools team, the place is Yes this is set up for Kindle, so you need to have your ebook on Amazon. Your book should be one that's of interest to the masses, not a strictly specialised topic.

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New Self-Publish Packages that Beat the Market

Shortly we will update our premium offering of publishing packages with true blue Aussie value. My mission is to get your book produced and launched to deadline, with the best possible quality that also meets your budget. In addition, if you want to order say 50 books to stock from your own website sales page, you can make a MUCH bigger profit than usual. So if the books cost $250, and you sell them at $1,250, you get back $1,000 to put towards initial publishing costs and time. Do that three times over the course of the year and you have already paid for your venture, not including any online bookstore sales, library sales or POD. If you need a little help getting...

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