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To educate and support novice authors with honest and useful editing services. And to supply simple, effective, and targeted content for business clients. 

About Us Our History

Founded in 2008 in Brisbane, Jennifer Lancaster started out as a freelance copywriter and book author. Often working with small business people, supporting their website goals, she completed many websites and brochures. In 2014, she started helping authors with book publishing.

Jennifer’s newer skills are line editing and developmental editing of non-fiction.  She also supports others with a huge library of knowledge on self-publishing and publishing for profit. 


The Power of Words ‘Purple Cow’ is:

Finding a creative angle to align and market your books, blog, or lead generation content.

Our marketing theories are best read in Jennifer’s book, Power Marketing.

About Our Freelancers

Freelance Copywriter

Jennifer Lancaster

Proprietor/Content Creator
Besides freelance copywriting/editing, Jennifer has also worked in-house as a marketing specialist for companies: Team Accounting, I Want That CRM, PWF, Red Planet Design, ResMed, and Plunkett & Johnson. &nbsp

Jennifer often works with service businesses who want to put across their expertise. Mainly, this has been by:

  • writing blog posts, lead magnets (emailed guides) and better website copy
  • writing company profiles and case studies
  • editing company news and tips, or
  • writing and editing lead magnets and drip-fed emails
Freelance Editor

Julie Martyn

Freelance Editor
Since 1994, Julie has been editing Ph.D. and Masters theses, as well as assignments for undergraduate students in numerous subject areas. She has also broadened her scope to include new writer’s books.

Outside Australia, she taught English as a second language and mainstream classes, specialising in writing and research techniques, in the Middle East, South East Asia and South America. At three Brisbane universities, she has taught academic preparation classes, with a strong emphasis on writing skills.

More recently, Julie has worked for the Griffith University International Students’ Association as an editing consultant/academic adviser. Published work includes a book and several articles.

For recommendations, please click on the link below: http://grammarfun.com.au/proof-reading/

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