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Would you like a new website voice and style guide for your accounting or financial services company? Get one with every major website copywriting project.

Helping small businesspeople around Australia, Power of Words’ copywriting services are easily accessible. We can help you with your website writing, style guide, and new prospect guides.

Some of our favourite topics are:

  • Superannuation and SMSFs pros and cons
  • Retirement planning and saving a nest egg
  • Small business tax planning (proactive accounting)
  • The benefits of Asset Protection and Trusts

Accountants/Financial Services Website Copywriting?

Website copy written for the accounting and financial services industry, from a minimum of $200. On average, we charge $1,100 for writing and revising on a services website, however each job is quoted on its merits. We’ve been writing website copy for 11 years, so we follow a process to ensure great results.

Some of that process includes using a Copy Deck. Though some re-writing jobs won’t require this, a copy deck helps inform the website designer where the hidden and visible copy goes. Hidden copy often gets shown in Google searches, so it is still important.

Try us out with a new topic you’d like written up or perhaps a downloadable guide. Just like a new puppy, we want to please our clients.

We’ll do all the research, plus understand your company’s values and mission, to make it connect on an emotional level.

accountants website copywriting

Examples of Accountants’ website copy

For ATBS (Accounting Tax and Business Solutions) directors, their aim was to replace the nondescript text on their templated website with customised copy that spoke to small business people’s unmet needs. They wanted to put across their way of working with clients (proactively) and highlight their B1G1 promise.

Unfortunately, the website developer skipped the country and so this copywriting never became public. This is just not on, because the directors at ATBS are just so nice. Please enquire for the full ATBS website copy draft.

Jennifer has written for many accountants and financial services, including property investment companies.

Here is a copy editing sample from US Tax Central

Here is a copy writing sample: ATBS Accountants website sample.

copy editing with pen
Proofreading comes with every copywriting project

Grammar Checked

As Jennifer also edits books for a living, she has learnt even more about grammar in these past five years. It pays to have these editing skills when looking afresh at the piece.

She received a high distinction in Principles of Editing at University (UWS).

Understanding Small Business Needs

Working with small business owners regularly, we understand their needs, particularly if in services. So, our wording does not need a higher degree to understand it. We leave out the corporate jargon!

A full brief will alert Jennifer to the kind of language your audience will appreciate, and the kind of calls to action that you could use.


Website copywriting, brochure copywriting, and press release writing is all about getting results for your company. Far more than simple ‘awareness’, our copywriting is designed to get under the skin of the reader and understand their deepest needs. This has the best chance of getting them to take action. Ca-ching!

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