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Financial article writer

Writing Newsworthy Articles for Rankings and PR

A great way to get high-reputation backlinks to your site and publicity in solid Australian media is to write newsworthy...

how to start a freelance business book

Start a Freelancing Life

Start your freelancing life the right way by learning more about mindset and branding.

lead generating

Case Study: Taking a Dud Website to a Lead Generating Machine

Today I’ll talk about taking a website that’s a branding eyesore or a postcard, in short a dud, to being:...

Stop money leaks - savings tips

Stop those Money Leaks!

There are many, many things that cause money leaks in your financial affairs. Uncover some of the hidden things that...

handbook publishing support

Handbook publishing support

Recently we completed editing and typesetting of a Prenatal Yoga Handbook, mainly for yoga teachers. It contained over 81 hand-drawn...

content marketing

Marketing Planning for Consultants

Have you ever done the revealing process of compiling a Marketing Plan?  If you do, you’ll discover what a difference...