Creating Healthy Life Habits

Creating Healthy Life Habits
Genre: Personal Development/Self-Help
Publication Year: 2015

For those of us who have trouble 'sticking' to our goal and create good life habits, this eBook by Mindset and Hypnosis expert, Mandy Napier, is a boon.

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About the Book
  • Do you have poor habits you would like to change?
  • Are you feeling stuck and frustrated, failing yet again?
  • Have you tried to change your habits and fallen back into your old ways?

You are not alone. As humans, we are hardwired to keep ourselves safe and tend to fall back into the easiest, most comfortable way of doing things. It is a fact that many New Year’s Resolutions never make it past January. Unless you know how to navigate past your inner gatekeepers, your past may trap you, holding you a prisoner in your life, never achieving the success you desire.

In Creating Healthy Life Habits, Mandy Napier takes you on a journey to the deepest areas of your mind. Here you will discover how your mind works, and how to re-program your mind for success. Containing tools and techniques, action steps, thought provoking questions, and a Habit Changer Plan, this book is a your definite guide to getting started now.

Edited by Jennifer Lancaster.

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