Power Marketing eBook

Power Marketing eBook
eBook: $5.00
Genre: Business Marketing
Publisher: Power of Words
Publication Year: 2015
Length: 148
ISBN: 9781311298959

'Power Marketing: An Aussie Guide to Business Growth' (2nd ed.) is a condensed guide on how to market a growing business in the modern age, including surveys, keyword research, website design, copywriting, video marketing, Facebook, advertising, direct mail, and more.

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About the Book

In Power Marketing, author Jennifer Lancaster explores over 60 ideas for marketing your small business or online enterprise. Bootstrap your best foot forward with advice on:

✓ Business Planning
✓ Facebook Marketing
✓ Video Production tips
✓ Sales Conversion and Up-selling
✓ Product Marketing
✓ Copywriting and Defining a USP
✓ Website Essentials
✓ Outsourcing

Drawing on real-world experience from running a business, we also look at determinants of success and common costly mistakes. It could save you plenty!

This book (2015 ed.) for Australian business owners and online stores is IDEAL in ebook format, as you can “quick find” whatever marketing tactic you want or Australian-based supplier you need.

The paperback edition, updated in 2016, is also available here.

About the Author
Jennifer Lancaster

Jennifer Lancaster is an Australian self-published author. She researches the best ways for people to save, grow, and protect their money. An earlier victim of a scam, she is passionate about helping others to learn the signs and to overcome their mental blocks as well.
She also loves marketing and all it can do for business.

Her titles include: Creative Ways with Money, Power Marketing, How to Control your Financial Destiny, Create Your New Life of Abundance, and How to Start a Freelance Business.

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