How to Start a Freelance Business – in Australia

How to Start a Freelance Business – in Australia

What if you could get the inside scoop on running a freelance business, even before you started?

Veteran Freelance copywriter Jennifer Lancaster shows you the ropes, saving you the headaches other freelancers suffer due to lack of planning, lack of direction, and lack of marketing know-how.

Simply, if you want a modern business that helps others, freelancing means that you’ll never need to worry about your age, hours in the commute, or being bored. Get busy on projects quickly, with today’s social media marketing methods.

About the Book

This type of business requires very low starting costs… you may already have a computer, internet, a mobile phone. Just add a business name, some business cards, a low-cost website, an invoicing system, introduce yourself around, and you’re in business.

This eBook is 97 pages of pure hands-on, practical advice. You will learn:

    • How to Assess Your Skills and Knowledge to Find your Calling
    • Find a New Niche
    • Plan your Business
    • Money: Face it now or lose it later… Tax Matters, Structure, Costs and Managing the first Year.
    • Choosing a Broad Target Market
    • Determining Your Positioning in the Marketplace
    • Specialties (Why are the Riches in the Niches?)
    • Skills to Becoming a Successful Freelancer
    • Your Market Speciality (with profiles)
    • Marketing your Services – getting work fast
    • Inside Secrets of Freelance Copywriting
    • Your Website 101 (including Adwords explained)
    • Blogging
    • Article Writing
    • 10 Commandments of Copywriting
    • Using Technology in your Service Business
    • Creating a Supplemental Income… making money while you sleep.

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Genre: Starting a Business
Tag: Recommended Books
Publisher: Power of Words
Publication Year: 2017
ISBN: 9780994510518
List Price: 19.95
About the Author
Jennifer Lancaster

Jennifer Lancaster is an Australian self-published author. She researches the best ways for people to save, grow, and protect their money. An earlier victim of a scam, she is passionate about helping others to learn the signs and to overcome their mental blocks as well.
She also loves marketing and all it can do for business.

Her titles include: Creative Ways with Money, Power Marketing, How to Control your Financial Destiny, Create Your New Life of Abundance, and How to Start a Freelance Business.