Brochure for Soul Surfing

Copywriting of brochure for Soul Surfing -- to appeal to a range of new surfers, including families. Working on the copy to get that friendly, casual and helpful vibe. Three revisions and then over to Red Planet Design for layout. Brochure Waves_3  

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Property Development brochure copy

portfolio property copywriting

These high-end brochures for luxury apartments needed both in-depth research and creative copywriting. Helping the team at Desketing, we wrote the copy and headlines for three luxury property developments, including in some cases, the landing page. When something is designed and sold off the plan, it becomes an exercise in imagining how the features and location of a building transforms into everyday, real life.   Spring at Kuraby:  'Love the Joy of Spring' Signature:   'Customise your Lifestyle' and 'Your future starts here' Central Lumley:    'Where convenience meets relaxed living' and 'Central Lumley:  everything your heart desires' Jen is happy to discuss other property copywriting types and can offer samples in:  long brochures, website landing pages, and creative real estate sales copy. Real...

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Heritage Drive Brochure Writing

Heritage drive writing and editing

Penrith Valley Heritage Drive is a series of 27 stops along a historic route. Penrith City Council needed a writer to edit, fact check and fill out the details for each fact sheet. This involved on-site and historical research. They chose Jennifer (nee Gibbons) due to her competency producing a OHS training guide for the University's Summer Research Awards. 2002. Download Penrith Heritage Drive_Bennetts.      

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Redcliffe Arts Trail brochure

Arts Trail Brochure

Took over the compilation, copy editing and print artwork for Arts Trail for the Seaside Arts Hub, Redcliffe Peninsula Inc. It is a four-panel DL, two-sided brochure, created in InDesign, which is printed offset. Printer liaison as well. Originals designed at Red Planet Design. A voluntary role.

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