Childcare Training Landing Page Copywriting

This childcare training college had a 'bright future'...(pun) but alas it has since folded. We wrote the website copy, optimised for search, and also wrote the sales landing page for their main Certificate courses.   We also set this landing page up in Unbounce and tracked the results of Facebook and Adwords ads... it varied but around 6 to 7% of people went through to buy. Giving away a mini iPad for every customer proved to be a little bit expensive though I guess.

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Property Development brochure copy

portfolio property copywriting

These high-end brochures for luxury apartments needed both in-depth research and creative copywriting. Helping the team at Desketing, we wrote the copy and headlines for three luxury property developments, including in some cases, the landing page. When something is designed and sold off the plan, it becomes an exercise in imagining how the features and location of a building transforms into everyday, real life.   Spring at Kuraby:  'Love the Joy of Spring' Signature:   'Customise your Lifestyle' and 'Your future starts here' Central Lumley:    'Where convenience meets relaxed living' and 'Central Lumley:  everything your heart desires' Jen is happy to discuss other property copywriting types and can offer samples in:  long brochures, website landing pages, and creative real estate sales copy. Real...

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Accountants website copy

accountants slider

For ATBS (Accounting Tax and Business Solutions), I found out they wanted to replace the nondescript text on their templated website with customised copy that spoke to business people's unmet needs. They wanted to put across their way of working with clients (proactively) and highlight their B1G1 promise. Unfortunately, the website developer skipped the country with the bill already paid and so this copywriting never saw the public website. I didn't know the developer but if I had, I would have put my backpack on and followed him with a big stick. See the main copy pages in the 'docx' below. ATBS Accountants website

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Website Copywriting for Roofing company

Roofing copywriting example

Do you get excited by roof restoration? No? Well, my job was to write some enticing copy -- with their desired keywords -- for KWR Roofing in Brisbane (via the designer). Working with what I knew from having a leaky roof, the copy flowed naturally from the quality service and ethical values that the company has. 2011. (Copy has changed since).

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Copy Editing of Horticultural Services Website

Copy editing work, including cutting the chaff, meta title writing, keyword research and natural insertion. The Plant Management Company offers plant and turf maintenance for many types of clients, and they wanted many pages of content. Project coordinated through Creative Intersection. 2011.   [caption id="attachment_5084" align="aligncenter" width="550"] Interior plants copy[/caption]  

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