Sometimes I write ghost blog posts for software implementation consultants... actually I've done a dozen ghost blogs many years ago on time-saving automation. In 2012, I wrote an interview-style story and a brochure for SalesFix.Simply click on the PDF links below to read.What are poor business processes costing

As part of a monthly Content Management plan, including social media, I wrote five blog posts (two being just editing) for the Rental Car Manager blog. Here is a blog writing example:Four Major Objections Customers Have when Renting a Car
For 2+ years, I blogged about small business marketing, copywriting, and tools on Red Planet Design Blog. There I wrote 95 optimised blog posts, which contributed to being found in local area website designer searches. And it made the studio look intelligent..!Why You Must Make a Call to Action for Every Prospect Every Time
I even wrote some ghost blog articles for a local driving school (2013). if you want to start out with blog post writing and promoting but are not sure where to start, please ask me for my So You've Got a Blog, What Now? explanatory PDF. Or if you have got more money than time these days, then get on over to our Blog Post Writing offer.