A super tricky project, involving:  copy editing, typesetting in InDesign (from Word/Pages), 81 image insertions, blurb editing, making ePub, and self-publishing coaching for a Prenatal Yoga trainer and midwifery expert.


"I have just received the printed copy of my book “Birth in Awareness - a handbook of prenatal yoga” and the layout, font choice and size recommended by Jennifer have created a printed layout that is better than I had hoped for. The margins are perfect as is the layout of the images and sections. This was a complex job and Jennifer’s skill and attention to detail are evident through the pages. She also edited my work and had great grammatical and sentence structure suggestions. I highly recommend her for professional and efficient services and if anything she undervalues how talented she is at book publishing. I am very grateful for the work she has done on my book." 

Gabrielle E.
Birth in Awareness Cover