Blog Post writing

Regular blogging can increase your business credibility, keep your website fresh, and attract leads… if written well. Hubspot research found that businesses who blog as part of their overall content marketing get 67% more leads from their website than those who don’t. Of course, a mix of content types (video, audio, infographic, text) also helps to interest time-poor prospective customers.

Why is Content Marketing so Important?

Blog post writing is part of a larger content marketing strategy that can help a business with poor online visibility improve their search engine page results and click-throughs.

People trust blogs (over advertising), particularly when they are written in an in-depth and friendly style that suits readers. Readers at stay on average 1.5 minutes per visit. Writing consistent content over five years has assisted our site to rank organically in the top 3 on Google, consistently, for three keywords around book publishing.

Content writing also builds the trust of ready-to-buy prospects. Instead of shopping around for the lowest quote, an effort at being a helpful guide to the whole ‘issue / pain points’ and options around your business can help people get to know that you’re the real deal. This helps to prequalify and increase the perceived value in your services.

Why Power of Words does Blog Writing Differently

Rather than pitch at the lowest price, we consult with the founder or MD before writing. You see, our writer wants to extract the real value and specific data from the business, not just write another dull article. It’s better to focus on quality content and remember that conversion of visitors to customers is the goal… not attracting eyeballs only.

With a focus on your overall marketing goals, our personal and informative style of blog writing is aimed to intrigue even your most cynical potential clients. (Ghost blogging is a possibility here).

With experience in blog optimisation, we will research keywords and then select titles and headings that attract your targeted market segment. Jennifer keeps her mind on the audience’s needs whenever writing website content and particularly a personal blog.

Social media sharing of these posts via a handy tool (with metrics) will aid engagement and increase follower numbers… results you can count.

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Our Content Writing Process

First we’ll have a chat to see if our thoughts align. After a deeper consultation and briefing to determine your goals and the optimum number of posts, our expert blog writer will plan a simple content strategy for your audience. We may help uncover your business’s hidden value through interviews with you/your team, or if preferred, through your transcripts. Sometimes we turn your external stakeholder interviews into interesting articles/case studies as well.

We will combine this new knowledge with the questions being asked on Google in Australia, in order to write optimised website content.

We’ll then edit it and let you review the post to check its facts.

And for a small cost, we can upload it to your CMS website and share it on your social media profiles, with friendly text to explain.  This can be all scheduled to four social media profiles in advance of course. Plus, if desired, we can provide well-branded, text-and-stock-photo featured images  to go with each post.

There is so much you can do with great content!

How much does it cost for Blog Post writing to your specification?

A quote can be arranged, but we suggest allowing around $500 a month for two posts. That budget allows us to do the briefing, plan, writing, editing, revisions, and final optimisation, including click-worthy headings and meta data.

Blogging is a long-term, online strategy to become a leader in your niche. So we recommend defined objectives and 3-month agreements. 

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