Content Strategy Session

The way we work is different. In a briefing, Jennifer will ask you many questions about your marketing, your website, and whether you have a personal brand. This 30-minute review and needs session is free.

From there, if there is a match with what you need, we’ll ask if you want a Content Strategy Session. This details the exact things your business will need to implement–and why.

We’ll talk about what problems there are along your business’s marketing journey, and how to create credibility from the start.

If you want to dig deep, then our Strategy Session will guide you towards all of these:

  1. Clarify your message to your ideal client – on your website and in other media
  2. What story are you telling in all of your channels? Is that authentic to you?
  3. Is there a marketing funnel (or automated system) to warm up customers and save you time?  


Website Story Copywriting

Many websites just plain don’t attract, interest and convert. Owners have spent good money on web design and content, but the words are not coming from a unique and authentic position. There is normally no exciting offer, either.

Once authentic story writing is part of your marketing approach, you’ll be amazed at how much easier it is to get a clearer, differentiated message. These messages must also support your objectives, and direct your client to the next step.

For instance, a free guide offered from your website, with follow-up emails in an authentic voice, will warm strangers to your personal brand. Then you might have an offer of a workshop or consultation, which we will help flesh out into a wonderful offer too tempting to turn down. 

website content strategy

Free Review

Book for a free review and needs call, then hear about the Marketing Strategy Session and potential outcomes.