The Differentiator Program

Some business owners have said to me:  “Just write copy around what you think is a point of difference”. Unfortunately, differentiation and ‘unique value proposition’ work is much deeper than that.

To find a point of difference in your market, you’ll need to tell me your founding story, give me an insight into company values, team strengths, and how your product/service features translate into benefits.

Then I find out what your clients say about the differences and see what else I can deduce from company profiles.

We put all this into the creative melting pot and then I’ll write a Style Guide (Message and Voice) that will be your true point of difference (or UVP). This will help guide all future materials, like adverts, brochures, and website copy.

Yes, Power of Words services all of Brisbane, Redcliffe, and the Sunshine Coast with content marketing packages. We are only a Zoom call away… or a long car ride.


Copywriting and Content Marketing

Copywriting and content production is a big part of The Differentiator Program: a nine step consultative service.

I will be guiding you personally through the steps and highlighting the options — as well as writing your brand stories and website. But the best part is, you get to be a part of it all. Your knowledge and experience is the genius of the brand. (Not that you are not a complete genius, but I mean here that the genius USP needs to be unlocked)


The Program’s Benefits

  • Focussed inbound marketing can attract the very clients you desire most: clients who are grateful and want you both to succeed.
  • Create more awareness of your brand and enhanced credibility by making a commitment to regular and consistent marketing activities. Examples: leadership blogging, optimised web pages, videos, a book, reports, emails and social media interaction. Brand visibility is one aspect of a digital business asset.
  • Stand out for all the right reasons… and this means you can price services at any level.
  • Get your content marketing and blog posting all taken care of.
  • GROWTH. Once consistent content marketing activities and web optimisation has been going for a 6-month period, it has a compounding effect — contributing to the growth of the business.
  • Define a whole new direction into thought leadership.
  • Fix follow-up failure and improve conversions by implementing systems — make a direct impact to your bottom line.


website content review

Book a two-way meeting with Jennifer to find out more about The Differentiator Program. 

OR see a sample of our written content through the Power Marketing book (just $20).

Nice words from our clients

“I love working with Jennifer, she is proactive and consistently enthusiastic! Great work and keep it up!”
– Nhan Nguyen, author, From Broke to Billionaire and author of forthcoming property development book (book editing projects)

“Jen was able to add words and phrases to my draft and condense a lot of the writing to make reading easier. This is the first time I have created a website and used copywriter services. I would definitely recommend Jen and would use her myself for anything else I may need. Thanks Jen”

– Rebecca Summerville, Raw Beetroot Organising, Brisbane

Power of Words’ Vision and Values

My philosophy within content marketing and publishing is to:

  • Use the power of words to create impactful marketing, i.e. practical copywriting techniques to endear more people to your story and ultimately, your offering
  • Cut waste out of the business’s marketing program
  • Create quality, long-term relationships based on mutual respect and trust.
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