Customer Leads, Conversions and Money in... What do you Need for These Things?

A Copywriter who Listens, Researches, and Writes to Persuade

Have other content writers left you with PLAGIARISED or BARELY ENGLISH copy?  Not only over-optimised, but plain dumb copy that talks to no-one?

Power of Words, a sole proprietor business in Queensland, helps your business connect to ideal customers. We do this through original and customised website copywriting, blog writing, and mentoring authors with their book.

It’s not just about fixing the grammar and proofreading. It’s about knowing your customer persona, their pain points, and desired actions from them. Past experience in writing books and a decade of website work helps the copywriter to connect at a deeper level than most ordinary writers.

Jennifer Lancaster Copywriter

Hello, my name is Jennifer Lancaster. As an experienced copywriter, editor, and blogger, I listen and then guide you, based on what works. My clients are generally professionals or semi-retired business owners who need an expert to help them write to connect.

Freelancing in copy writing and editing from 2009 to 2014 through a variety of agencies, including at Red Planet Design increased my SEO knowledge. My first freelance copywriting job was in 2005 (NSW) — a sales letter for an Electrodry franchise.

Consistency pays off, as I found when optimising my own website, now #2 on Google for self publishing help. If you consistently write great content and promote it on social media, then your Google ranking will improve as well.

Specialty Topics have included:

  • email marketing and CRM automation
  • customer experience
  • time management
  • roof restoration
  • small business marketing and copywriting
  • self-publishing/book marketing

Why Pay for a Good Copywriter?

Service professionals seem to struggle over getting their message clear to a targeted niche audience.  Mortgage brokers, accountants, and others may have no brand voice and little warmth or personality in their content.

Telling stories will help your clients understand the value your offering has. Understanding that value means more people who will want to hear your pitch or read your latest ebook.

The Differentiator Program offers consultation about your marketing strategies and helps you get to the roots of what you provide.

Or, choose our web copywriting service, with a full one-hour briefing, plus reading of your marketing literature.

Jennifer Lancaster and team can help you share your key messages with more people. 

Let’s have a call and see which service is right for you.

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