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About us

Power of Words – Messages that Matter

Founded in 2007 in Brisbane north, Jennifer started out a simple freelance copywriter. Skilled in writing, design and marketing, Jennifer endured the steep learning curve of self-publishing her books, going on to publish other emerging authors books or lend support.

In the past, she specialised in website copy and niche research, copywriting 31+ websites and editing many other web pages, case studies, letters and brochures.

Combining these talents means Jennifer has found efficient methods for creating an authority-building book, ebook, or articles for lead generation and nurturing.

Core Values

Our goal: to produce the best information products for service professionals, in order to gain them more readership. Everything is in your control; your copyright, your imprint, but supported all the way.

Thought leadership through writing is suited to many types of business owners: consultants, therapists, innovators, mentors. See the book “Power Marketing” for more information.

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