Website Conversion Review

At Power of Words, we hate to see good website traffic (and ad. spend) go to waste. So we’re offering a website content and conversion review.

It’s never too late to fix things that are holding back your marketing results, especially if you spend any amount on advertising at all.

What would a website content and conversion review look at?

  • user navigation and excess clutter
  • ugly colours and hard to read fonts (light text on dark or light grey text on white)
  • hard-to-find phone number or email address
  • wastage of screen ‘real estate’: what is above the screen fold?
  • huge blocks of text and breaking up to aid reader scanning
  • headline — relevance to content and keyword?  (We’ll suggest two good headlines)
  • headings — are they relevant to your ideal customer’s needs?  (We’ll suggest some subheadings)
  • meta description — is it persuasive and contains the optimum keyword? (This influences if people click through)
  • newsletter offering — perhaps change to real educational value offer and consider other improvements to increase sign-ups

In the next two weeks, you can get this website conversion review and considered suggestions for $85.

Think what it could save your company in both wasted visitor traffic… plus the gains from creating real engagement with visitors.

If you then want to engage us to write new copy for your Home Page or Services Pages, then this $85 will be deducted from the invoice!  We can do you up a proposal after a short discussion, but it’s entirely up to you, with no pressure at all to do anything. We can also write blog content, subscriber reports, and more.

Please call Jennifer on 0403 125 038 to order — or email Power of Words today.