Website Conversion Review


Why a Web Conversion Review?

At Power of Words, we hate to see good website traffic (and ad. spend) go to waste. So we’re offering a website conversion review for small business websites.

It’s never too late to fix things that are holding back your marketing results, especially if you spend any amount on advertising at all.

Website Conversion that Gets Results

Based on power marketing and credibility, we use credibility techniques and marketing principles to get the best results. From emotive and benefit-driven copy to the right case studies, we’ll guide you to visitor-to-lead conversion success.

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Website Conversion Review Features

What would a content-focused website conversion review look at?

  • user navigation and excess clutter
  • ugly colours and hard to read fonts 
  • hard-to-find phone number or email address
  • wastage of screen ‘real estate’: what is above the screen fold?
  • breaking up huge blocks of text to aid reader scanning
  • headline:  relevance to content and keyword?  (We’ll suggest two good headlines)
  • headings:  are they relevant to your ideal customer’s needs?  (We’ll suggest some subheadings)
  • meta description:  is it persuasive and contains the optimum keyword? (This influences if people click through)

Check of all the Grammar

As Jennifer also edits books for a living, she can spot a typo a mile away. 

Having a clean and well-edited website ready for new visitors means checking every part of it, even the meta data descriptions and titles.

Consideration of Subscriber Offers

Review newsletter or discount offer — perhaps change to real educational value offer and consider other improvements to increase sign-ups.


Website copywriting is all about getting better results for your company. 

Our copywriting and sales conversion analysis is designed to look closely at the readership and understand their deep desires and needs. This has the best chance of getting them to take action. 

Do you wish your marketing content was truly different from the competition?

After your FREE 1-hour Marketing Review, you can then order this website conversion review for any small business or small ecommerce site for $150.

Think what it could save your company in both wasted visitor traffic… plus the gains from creating engagement with new visitors and those returning.

If you then want to engage us to write new copy for your Home Page or Services Pages, we will give you back $100 credit to your account!  

Let’s get to know each other first, with no pressure at all to do anything. We can also write blog content, compile subscriber reports, edit books, and more.

Please book in for your review today via Zoom.

Jennifer is experienced in: marketing strategy, website content intricacies, sensible SEO, and Wordpress blogs.