Copywriting Process

Writing Project Steps

How Does the Copywriting Process Work?

  • 1. Ballpark on Phone Call

    At Power of Words, we are approachable… phone us, email us, or send a turtle with a message. If you can briefly overview your writing or editing project, its deadline and the pages required, you’ll get a ballpark figure right then and there.

    So let us know what type of pages you need written, their preferred length, and possible research required.

    Let’s save everyone time and get the ball rolling!

  • 2. Copywriting Proposal

    Once I’ve taken down your requirements and goal and understand these aims, then I’ll put together a copywriting proposal. This will include key project requirements, timeline, quotation, service agreement and terms and conditions. 

  • 3. Acceptance

    Once you digest this and want to go ahead, all approved by other partners or directors, then just sign on the provided form (digitally signing is perfect).

    Then pay the 40% deposit outlined on the Proposal. An invoice will be sent for the deposit.

  • 4. Project Brief

    Next, you’ll fill out a Google briefing form, and endeavour to say all about your business, the USP (or point of difference!), service features, your ideal customer, and benefits that customers want. Also the keywords, if available.

    To a copywriter, the project brief or discussion is crucial. Without a complete briefing, we can’t write the words that will make your ideal customers sit up and take notice!

  • 5. First Draft Written

    From both your briefing and my research of the competitive landscape, I’ll take notes, remembering your brand’s written voice and any tag-lines.

    I may send you a piece of the draft if it’s a long project, so you can check the style and form.

    This Draft might come out with incomplete factual parts, but we have time to get it perfect.

  • 6. Client Review #1

    Please read and review this draft… and don’t throw it away! We want to hear all kinds of feedback, even if you dislike it.

    Think about tone of voice, sentence length, and stride. Does it perhaps need more lists or a table?  Send us all this feedback, including any correction of facts and popular industry words you want to use. 

  • 7. Changes and Client Review #2

    After incorporating your changes and suggestions (unless against the level of a reader’s knowledge), we’ll send it back to you for a second review.

    This review is also included in your Quotation, but if you rush and miss things here then it may cost more later on.

  • 8. Finalising the Copy Project

    We like to proofread and check the copy on-screen… or the final artwork.

    Our finalisation process means ‘signing off’ – or saying via email that you are happy with the final copy version as given.

  • 9. Give Feedback on Project/Testimonial

    We’ll send the invoice after sign off and you may write a feedback on our service or review (optional).

  • 10. Copyright Transfer

    After the project is signed off and final invoice is paid, Power of Words hands over copyright to you, the client. You now own this specific work and all rights to it. 

There you have it, the 10 steps of our copywriting process at Power of Words, Brisbane. There is an advantage to having this process: you won’t have to worry about unchecked typos, voice that changes mid-paragraph, or un-optimised headings. We even write those pesky meta descriptions and titles, for your developer to insert!

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