White Paper Writing Package

Interest consumers or professionals in your services or products with a customised, researched report, called a ‘White Paper’.

Our professional copywriter, experienced in writing lead magnets (consumer reports, cheat sheets, and guides), will create a downloadable white paper for your website.

This topic is researched first, in line with your Ideal Client Profile, or avatar, and brand positioning.  

We can include design, cover shot, and saving to PDF. 

To get started, we’ll talk to you and find out your objectives for it in the briefing. Once we fully understand the strategy, we do some initial research, choose a theme, and set to work on a speedy camel.

white paper report writing


You still need to get your prospects excited enough to open this informative report.

After consultation, three emails will be written for recipients, ensuring that they know why to read the report, paper, or comparison.


Includes attractive design/layout of the report and front cover, using our page layout tools and bought or free photographs.

A standard white paper is 5-6 A4 pages, with a headline, subheadings, images, conversational copy, plus a logo, URL, and a call to action on the bottom of the last page.
Copywriting this white paper includes two rounds of revisions and proofreading.


Only the Research and 5-page Written Report: AU $500

Why use White Papers for a Business Service?

White papers or other lead magnets work to interest prospects in your perspective and industry knowledge. This is a byproduct though. They generally sign up for the juicy outcomes proposed and problems solved.

Another key benefit is to encourage returning visitors and get remembered. Nurturing these curious visitors through education will work. You are not selling, your company is educating the prospect on why they should consider these options and why they need to listen to you.

lead magnet writing

What should you offer new website subscribers?

What you offer ultimately depends on your particular target market’s desires and tastes. A huge ebook might not prove viable, as it must be read & actioned in order to get an impact.

Past clients used our report writing service for interesting new clients in the prospect of asset structuring – but in a customer-friendly way. Rather than speak from an accountant’s usual tax lens, we came from a wealth creation and asset protection perspective.

Other types of lead magnets are:

  • video courses (scripts and plan)
  • software recommendations, 
  • first book chapter, or 
  • white papers (researched reports).

Please call Jennifer Lancaster on 0403 125 038 for writing enquiries that are ‘outside the box’.

Longer White-paper, Workbook or Email Course: Please see the Silver or Gold Content Marketing package.

Terms of Sale

Package price does not include setup of a new email marketing account.

If you have bought a report writing option but decide for any reason you cannot proceed, then your money, less a $75 admin and briefing charge, will be refunded within 7 days of request.

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