Starting a Freelance Business is Not All Passion

how to start a freelance business book

Do you have a lot of passion to start and run a freelance business? Put that passion aside for a minute... as it can easily get in the way of success. Our how to start a freelance business - in Australia book will show you how tending to areas like budgeting, positioning, and writing useful content will put you on the right path. Do you know what area you're going to be in yet? It's crucial, we've found, to put your best foot forward in a distinctive niche - rather than being yet another graphic designer.  Or are you further along and know what to go into... but haven't yet attended to all the finer details of setting up a successful business?...

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Creating influence with Video!

video promotions for business

This week, let's delve into the advantages of creating video promotions for a channel. Whether it's video trailers for books, short promos for a business, or video marketing for an online course, videos can be a great canvas for expressing ideas visually. Good ones will interest new readers and great ones might prompt a click to a sales page. There are several ways to build influence through Video Promotions. Here are some of the latest ideas: Share a personal tip with your LinkedIn or Facebook connections. Rough and raw is OK, but it's better if there are key words as captions -- since many watch with the sound off. Promote your book with several Text-over-Stock-photo videos - Lumen5 makes this...

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Case Study: Taking a Dud Website to a Lead Generating Machine

lead generating

Today I'll talk about taking a website that's a branding eyesore or a postcard, in short a dud, to being: a Lead-Generating Machine! That's leads, as in prospects... not lead as in metal. After many years of researching and working on website copy and content, I finally created a webinar with a live website case study (which I pick apart). What I look at in a website content review goes quite deep. First, it looks at logical reader progression - does the website copy flow normally and easily down the page? Are the important parts hidden away or are they nice and clear? We need to find out WHO you are talking to and what language to use. That's how...

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How to Market a Business in Professional Services

how to market a business

My oracle suggested that 110 Australians monthly want to know “How to Market a Business”. So I thought I’d outline the best ways to market a professional services business, because honestly it’s a lot different advice than for an online retail shop, a wholesaler, or a software product. So – as I’ve seen in professional services, there are two main ways that people find out about them: A street presence, including vehicle signage, office signage, etc. Word of mouth, including all referrals   For accountants, lawyers, architects, quantity surveyors and the like, marketing must seem like a mystery akin to a magic genie. But really, it’s not venturing into the mystical – you can use logic in marketing any business....

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Integrated Marketing Strategy

integrated marketing strategy

When you have an integrated marketing strategy, you can drive your online marketing program with confidence. That means planning on paper, including mapping out a purpose statement, value statements, customer personas (or segmenting), calculating customer lifetime value, and defining ways to improve and narrowly target all marketing material. Internally-directed marketing strategies, which many companies say they lack (46% in fact!*), means that you might be: Driven by external marketing hot trends - that may not work for your audience Confusing strategy with tactics, like posting on Facebook (which is a tactic) Confused whether content and social media sharing is going to work or is working.   Starting with Value for the Client It all starts with knowing your client and...

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10 Creative Service Marketing Ideas

creative service marketing ideas

[audio m4a=""][/audio] Everyone in marketing is talking about customers, growth hacks, and selling more products. But if you’re a small service business, you have clients and services. Time is limited and that’s all you bill for.  Since the majority of blog talk these days is about product selling, you’ve just turned off from it.  What about new creative marketing ideas for your service…?  Here are some of the best.   Creative Service Marketing Ideas -- Quick Wins Marketing can be daunting these days. Do you start with posting images on social media?  Do you update your blog? So many options… and yet there are amazingly skilled people who are not sharing their value with people of interest. Here are a...

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Fixing Follow-up Problems


[audio m4a=""][/audio] When you’re busy, instigating proper follow-up marketing is often overlooked, unless you have a sales team. Many articles draw you into the lure of “sexier” marketing tactics and new ways to approach social media. Meanwhile that person who emailed you recently ‘just wondering’ is not receiving any further information after that initial response. If you focus a lot of time and money driving new leads and prospects, but don’t follow up on the 80% or 90% of leads who are not yet ready to buy, your system has a lot of holes. And I hate waste! By fixing this follow-up marketing failure, your business can turn any type of leads into more workshop attendees, more clients, or reader...

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The Introvert’s Guide to Content Marketing

content marketing - introverts

In this golden age of the personal publisher, introverts must play to their strengths within content marketing. If you’ve ever read the book ‘Quiet: the power of introverts in a world that can’t stop talking’, then you’ll understand exactly what I’m saying. We introverts need to speak up, but in our own quiet way. Are you good at asking questions, but self-conscious about making personal video? Then try Podcasting. Podcast Your Way to a Larger Presence Podcasting is the ‘slow burn’ way to attract a fan base. You own the podcast, so you also own the advertising that can be inserted in a short grab inside the show. Keep in mind that shows seem better with two people, so invite multiple guest...

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Stop those Money Leaks!

Stop money leaks - savings tips

There are many, many things that cause money leaks in your financial affairs. Uncover some of the hidden things that can rob your savings, and find out what you can do about it through these tips. Superannuation Leaks If you've got multiple Super accounts, you're in fine company; millions of us do.  The trouble is, each fund charges admin fees - and it's hard to keep track of more than one fund and what each happens to be invested in. So little leaks occur each year, leading to a smaller savings pot for you. Fees make a huge difference over time, so ensure that you're not paying more than the average of 1% in administration fees in your super. If you already...

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Shortcuts to Content Marketing

shortcuts content marketing

Over the past six weeks, I’ve been learning different ways to improve business. Not just mine, but every client business that I help as well. I went to the business improvement conference ‘52 Ways’ put on by Business Blueprint. Dale talked a lot about systems and clever online apps, i.e. shortcuts to success. Apps for creating great content are helpful time-savers and shortcuts also keep the cost of content creation down, if we are judicious. Yet you don’t want to be shortcutting your way to low quality and inconsistency. Those posting inconsistently and offshoring a lot of content creation/writing will find that the outcome of content marketing is poor… Indeed, according to Content Marketing Institute, the professional B2B marketers feeling...

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