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Writing Newsworthy Articles for Rankings and PR

A great way to get high-reputation backlinks to your site and publicity in solid Australian media is to write newsworthy...

Why Advertising is not the Answer

Why Advertising is not the Answer

Here I explain why, after trying scattershot advertising and promotion to all, I decided on thought leadership content marketing. Besides doing SEO and blogging, explaining the value first certainly made our marketing results a lot more effective. I'm still blogging today, 7 years later. Blanket advertising is not the answer to your business prayers--but can be used if well-targeted to the right niche.

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Creating influence with Video!

This week, let’s delve into the advantages of creating video promotions for a channel. Whether it’s video trailers for books,...

lead generating

Case Study: Taking a Dud Website to a Lead Generating Machine

Today I’ll talk about taking a website that’s a branding eyesore or a postcard, in short a dud, to being:...

how to market a business

How to Market a Business in Professional Services

My oracle suggested that 110 Australians monthly want to know “how to market a business”. So I thought I’d outline...

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Integrated Marketing Strategy

When you have an integrated marketing strategy, you can drive your online marketing program with confidence. That means planning on...

creative service marketing ideas

10 Creative Service Marketing Ideas

Everyone in marketing is talking about customers, growth hacks, and selling more products. But if you’re a small service business,...

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The Introvert’s Guide to Content Marketing

In this golden age of the personal publisher, introverts must play to their strengths within content marketing. If you’ve ever...

shortcuts content marketing

Shortcuts to Content Marketing

Over the past six weeks, I’ve been learning different ways to improve business. Not just mine, but every client business...

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Make Your Words Come Alive… Copywriter Confessions

Copywriter confession #1.   I confess I have written thousands and thousands of uncaring words:  words that persuade; words that...