Starting a Freelance Business is Not All Passion

how to start a freelance business book

Do you have a lot of passion to start and run a freelance business? Put that passion aside for a minute... as it can easily get in the way of success. Our how to start a freelance business - in Australia book will show you how tending to areas like budgeting, positioning, and writing useful content will put you on the right path. Do you know what area you're going to be in yet? It's crucial, we've found, to put your best foot forward in a distinctive niche - rather than being yet another graphic designer.  Or are you further along and know what to go into... but haven't yet attended to all the finer details of setting up a successful business?...

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Marketing Planning for Consultants

content marketing

Have you ever done the revealing process of compiling a Marketing Plan?  If you do, you'll discover what a difference it can make to your consulting business's vision, plan, and future marketing strategy. (Get a Marketing Planning Template below). People often overlook the most simple and helpful things in their rush to 'get on with it' and bring in some leads. If you're presently stuck with poor website conversion, lost leads (due to wrong market fit), or dismal numbers from advertising, then going back to the planning and targeting stage is going to help you immensely. The Government's 'My Business' tools are handy—and the best part is, they’re free.  If you haven't done a marketing plan or schedule yet, then take...

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