Why don’t people read my posts anymore?

Sometimes, as a marketing blogger, you feel like you’re writing for bots and not for people. It’s tough to make it through the barriers of entry, to be popular and profound. First, there are SEO barriers to entry, like the 1,500-word lengths you’re expected to write for ranking higher, and the meta tags. Second, there is the research to do and imagery that makes it better and more linkworthy. And finally, there’s the matter of ‘too much Internet content’, where most of us are tired and just want to discuss the latest cat video on Reddit.

Then there is gnat-like attention and ever poorer reach for posts. I blame Instagram, Snapchat and Tiktok.

Instagram Made Us Like This

I’m told by the experts I follow that if you’re going to get traction on Instagram, you need to post 2-3 Carousels a week, 3-5 Stories, a Reel or two, and also comment on some posts and reply on yours. These must look attractive, be interesting, and videos should have captioning. It’s enough to be exhausting.

This blog is presently attended by 56 citizens (most who found it directly) and about 1500 bots and spambots. They were on their way to a party, but stopped to find out “why don’t people read my posts anymore?”. Thank you, Citizen, for reading my blog. I have another, more popular blog, the JenniferLancaster.com.au blog, where I talk about books, publishing, and publishing scams. I’ve only been writing that one for nine years, so it’s early days.

Creating websites is almost fun, when I think back over the six different designs I’ve had for Power of Words here, it’s crazy. Not only the different colours and designs, but also the marketing messaging that’s changed with the times.

Now ChatGPT, Copy.AI and SmartBrain have come along and spoiled my fun. They can write all the simple blogs for people, without much pay – however, I still have razor sharp editing skills. So they can write in two seconds several parts of a post that would take me a good 45 minutes, so what? They can’t talk with you and get the correct brief on what you actually want to achieve. AI cannot ask, are you sure?

The automation cannot be your friend. AI cannot give referrals to your business. AI cannot give you a handshake, a smile and a chat over coffee. So be a pal and get in touch; we’ll talk about marketing, blogs and such.