Generate Leads with Sales Letters

What? Your High-Level Service Business Needs a Sales Letter?

You’ve been told about the need for social media, PPC ads, and a website, but what about explaining the core benefits of your service? 

This is hard to put across in 25 to 50 words. Building trust and explaining value takes more words! (Tests on length often prove valuable here). 

Sure, you can create a video which works as an explainer – but you cannot stop the viewer getting distracted by skateboarding cats. That’s where Sales Letters, Sales Pages and Insta-Webinars come in. 

From Termite Protection to Productivity methods, we’ve written sales letters on many topics!  Variants include fundraising letters to help raise money for Gold Coast Hospital and long digital letters which interested people in a spiritual service. 

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Writing Sales Letters that Sell, since 2008
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The Benefits of Sales Letters Written by Power of Words

  • You won’t get buzzwords here. We look at your end goal, your target audience (getting niche), and work out the series of sales letters (online or off) that is best for consumer response
  • The main benefit of sales letters is the ability to test different lengths and different messages. But also don’t forget that you can offer something free with it – to get their email or mobile number – and thus be able to build that trust over time. 
  • Creating a sales letter or complete funnel starts with the right information. Listen — Gather intel — Draft ideas — Create Copy — Revise Copy… is the process.

Services Simple Solutions for Marketing Needs

Sales Letters can turn a long dead client list into readily interested prospects.

You can take the digital approach — combining the letter with email marketing or SMS reminders that restate the main advantages. Or you can send a letter in the mail. High-level services get high open rates from personalised mail.

The tone of the letter should be both educational and persuasive. 

The goals should include building a long-term relationship with customers. Start with the end in mind, and start planning a variety of letters or sales pages. 

We can set up conversion-focussed landing pages for every keyword set in your advertising – or in other words, every service or solution.  

Editing a Report

Client Testimonials What Our Clients Say

  • I have just received the printed copy of my book “Birth in Awareness – a handbook of prenatal yoga” and the layout, font choice and size recommended by Jennifer have created a printed layout that is better than I had hoped for. The margins are perfect as is the layout of the images and sections. This was a complex job and Jennifer’s skill and attention to detail are evident through the pages.

    She also edited my work and had great grammatical and sentence structure suggestions. I highly recommend her for professional and efficient services and talents in book publishing. I am very grateful for the work she has done on my book. I would have no hesitation in using her again, and can highly recommend her services.”

    Gabrielle Earls
    Birth in Awareness
  • I love working with Jennifer, she is proactive and consistently enthusiastic!  Great work and keep it up!  – Nhan (author)

    Nhan Nguyen
    Advanced Property Strategies
  • Jennifer has helped me enormously today with my website. She has the ability to explain things in ways I can understand and has given me lots of useful ideas and help! Thank You!

    Fiona Edmonds