How to Market a Business in Professional Services

how to market a business

My oracle suggested that 110 Australians monthly want to know “How to Market a Business”. So I thought I’d outline the best ways to market a professional services business, because honestly it’s a lot different advice than for an online retail shop, a wholesaler, or a software product. So – as I’ve seen in professional services, there are two main ways that people find out about them: A street presence, including vehicle signage, office signage, etc. Word of mouth, including all referrals   For accountants, lawyers, architects, quantity surveyors and the like, marketing must seem like a mystery akin to a magic genie. But really, it’s not venturing into the mystical – you can use logic in marketing any business....

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Integrated Marketing Strategy

integrated marketing strategy

When you have an integrated marketing strategy, you can drive your online marketing program with confidence. That means planning on paper, including mapping out a purpose statement, value statements, customer personas (or segmenting), calculating customer lifetime value, and defining ways to improve and narrowly target all marketing material. Internally-directed marketing strategies, which many companies say they lack (46% in fact!*), means that you might be: Driven by external marketing hot trends - that may not work for your audience Confusing strategy with tactics, like posting on Facebook (which is a tactic) Confused whether content and social media sharing is going to work or is working.   Starting with Value for the Client It all starts with knowing your client and...

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