Fixing Follow-up Problems

Part of my marketing role is to look at follow-up problems. When you’re busy, instigating proper follow-up marketing is often overlooked, unless you have a sales team.

Many articles draw you into the lure of “sexier” marketing tactics and new ways to approach social media. Meanwhile that person who emailed you recently ‘just wondering’ about the service is not receiving any further information after that initial response.

Most Businesses Focus Solely on Lead Generation

80% of sales require 5 follow-up calls, whereas 44% of salespeople give up after one follow-up call. Ergo, the other 46% of salespeople don’t even bother! (Invesp, cited at Hubspot)

If you focus a lot of time and money driving new leads and prospects, but don’t follow up on the 80% of leads who are not yet ready to buy, your system has a lot of holes. And I hate waste! By fixing this follow-up marketing failure, your business can turn any type of leads into more workshop attendees, more clients, or reader fans.

Perhaps you’re better than most; maybe your business stays in touch with customers through a regular newsletter and various offer emails. That’s great, but you can still do better!

For the marketer/author who desires to get their book or product to a bigger target market, it’s important to use strategic follow-up methods. This is very much helped by email marketing software and attractive sign up forms, including a 3D graphic. (We provide the written emails as well as the form design).

This is much like a bricks and mortar business who uses personalised follow-ups to differentiate their business from others, often delighting prospects with how they approach and educate.

When your marketing system is automated and streamlined, the fact is, you can promote with less money, but end up with more ready-to-buy people. That’s more people who would have slipped through your response system’s holes.

This is why Nurturing Systems are Important

We advise to have welcome autoresponders set up from your website contact forms and have the email marketing system send regular riveting content. Content that is created by your content manager or copywriter.

Having done the GetResponse course, ‘Marketing Automation’, set up 50 member emails and also used Mailchimp for customer flows recently, Jennifer finds the email marketing funnel is now understandable. Fixing follow-up problems is a pleasure and a challenge.

You can get Jennifer at Power of Words to write new customer emails, re-engage past customers on a simple list, and send new offers to the list with an interesting series. Just phone 0403 125 038 to get your 1 hour marketing review at no cost. 9am to 5:00pm AEST.