Challenges of Business Book Publishing

The first challenge will be to produce the book with high quality all-round, while still meeting your budget preferences. You are in the right place to meet this challenge, with our expertise making it easier to get a professional, well edited book or guide.

The second challenge will be marketing the book to clients, leads, or students. This an important aspect to plan for right from the start. Do you have an email list ready? … Ready for speaking events and have your book available in person? …. Could you offer your new leads a ‘free checklist, comparison, list of resources’ so that you retain their email and promote your book/eBook prior to launch?

Can you offer your book as a freebie for referrers or premium clients?

With powerful marketing thinking, we can come up with a Marketing Plan all mapped out for your type of business model, resources and aims. Some people will need to focus on online social media; others won’t. We include social media avenues and other low cost marketing options as appropriate.

A book is much more than a standalone income-generating asset; it is a precursor to new opportunities for you.

Our marketing strategy will go for 6-12 months, starting well before you launch. Additionally, it may induce opportunities continuing over the life of your career, including joint ventures.

Creating a successful business book requires many tactics and so it pays to use leverage with other people’s experience.  Plus, our editing and admin rates are kept reasonable so as to help business consultants, therapists and coaches.

How can you help? You can do your part by ensuring you’re available within 1-3 days to make decisions, you’re open to mentoring through the process, and you have plenty of time until launch date. Rushing the process is not advisable, as often it takes 4 weeks once the proof is approved for your book to reach the online bookseller sites, and 12 weeks in editing and production is also allowable prior to that.

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