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Our Services

Services include: lead generation writing, book publishing coaching, copywriting, copy editing, structural editing, blog content writing and management.

Please note, appointments can be arranged to discuss your project openly, without obligation.


Power of Words can improve your writing, edit your ebook, and ensure it is of superb quality to interest new contacts in what you do. This is often called a white paper, lead magnet, or consumer report. It tells your website visitors that you are the expert (without directly selling your wares), and warms them up to enable that initial trust to form. Jennifer and team can also write this guide for you, after research and briefing.

Book Publishing Coaching

Help with choice of book size, parts of a book, ISBN requirements, as well as big picture coaching on how this book will fit into your marketing plans.

You will learn a lot from our help and materials — get the best results from your publishing for profit.

Book Design

Interior layout and design is of a high standard. You will be given samples of the first part of your book in a design theme that suits your book’s content. We can then adjust any parts you don’t like until we have a cohesive design. We only perform text only or text and illustration book typesetting (colour or black and white). Quotes available.

Book Editing Services

Copy editing is our usual book editing option. It means thoroughly checking your work for spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes, as well as consistency of voice. We highlight any tautology or word repetition. It assumes your basic book structure and headings are OK.

Rates: On quote, $0.04 per word copy editing is usual.

$0.08 per word for developmental editing.

Cents per word rates include a check of changes the client has approved.

Structural editing is the next level up.  It includes editing suggestions to improve meaning and understanding, including proof of concepts. We help the work flow from one chapter to another. After reviewing these suggestions, we usually do the copy editing level on the second pass. The rate is from 6 cents per word.


Our Writing Services

  • Blog articles
  • Lead generation — writing of reports, ebooks, lists
  • Case Studies, including interviews, writing and proofreading
  • Editing and proofreading of all documents
  • Website copywriting, based on your USP and customer benefits
  • Professional/Personal Bio or About You written
  • Content Marketing & Email Sequence program 

Book Services

  • Book description writing — usually with five hot selling points
  • Book editing
  • Book interior typesetting, layout and artwork (by us or by our trusted freelancer)
  • Publishing mentoring – from ISBNs to ebooks, library suppliers, ideal print platform, and artwork guides

With any mentoring package, you will be supported with advice on your main decisions and what to do next. A timeline will keep the book’s publishing on track, as long as you reply to requests for checking and approvals.

Our printer has a Print Defects Warranty, whereby they will replace any books found with defects. However, most minor issues arise from the editing and design stages, so we do our utmost to ensure it all looks good to us. We want you to be proud of your book, so please speak to us immediately if your PROOF is not what you envisaged. Approving this proof is your responsibility.

Copy editing guarantee: If you find two or more ‘typos’ per 10,000 words, we will revise and upload a new version free of the usual charges.

niche marketing and book marketing guide

We have many book marketing tips in our client ebook:  ‘The Niche Marketing & Book Guide’, free with service.

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