About Power of Words

Founded in 2008 in Brisbane, Jennifer at Power of Words started out as a freelance copywriter and book author. Often working with small business people, supporting their website goals, in 2013 she transferred to helping authors with their book publishing goals.

Her skills in line editing and typesetting grew… and she collated a huge library of self-publishing and publishing for profit information. That is now Business Author Academy, also our training business name.

This site houses the publishing imprint of Jennifer Lancaster and her clientele.


Jennifer often works with service businesses who want to put across their expertise. Mainly, this has been by:

  • writing blogs, lead magnets (emailed guides) and better website copy
  • writing company profiles and case studies
  • editing company news and tips, or
  • editing lead magnets and drip-fed email courses

‘Empowering growth’ is Jennifer’s mission. Her theories are best read in Jennifer’s book, Power Marketing.

Copywriting Clients

Past clients of Power of Words have included:

  • Leading accountants, Lee & Lee and ATBS – copywriting of website, editing of a chapter, brochures.
  • Property education providers – publishing support and editing
  • Builder-Designers – copywriting of website / brochure
  • Education/literacy consultant, counsellors – website editing support
  • Change management consultant – workshop editing/event support
  • Mortgage broker building their own brand – writing coaching
  • CRM Software consultants – website copy and blogs
  • Aim Lab – the manufacturer of robotic archiving stations – case studies
  • BioElectronics – makers of TENS pain relief products

In-house (career) work has included:

  • Writing blogs for Team Accounting
  • Writing an opt-in report on Customer Experience for I Want that CRM
  • Writing a company history
  • Editing and desktop layout of 19 fact sheets about business accounting
  • Creating a new website and copy for financial services brand

Please see our Project Portfolio at JenniferLancaster.com.au


Book Editing

Many different coaches, retired professionals and specialists have used our book editing and support services over the past five years.

Jennifer Lancaster has line edited many books across the health and body, memoir, personal development and wealth genres. She also coaches selected non-fiction authors in developing a book and helping with all the decisions.


Power Marketing means using your book/content and thought leadership to impress a target audience, make more income, and set yourself apart. We enjoy explaining this concept.

Book Cover Designers and Book Formatters are available. Please let us know if you need other valued contacts who can work with you.