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Offering copywriting and editing services to Australians for the past eight years. Business clients return for a well-priced and high-quality writing service – with the bonuses of strategic website knowledge and book publishing experience.

Services Tailored for You

Lead Magnet writing

Offer your audience a written guide, report, paper, tool sheet, all beautifully formatted and ready to share. From 2 pages to 10 pages is ideal.

We can even arrange an educational video to be made.

See our written package offer for 5-10 pages.

Copy Editing of Nonfiction Books

Copy editing is the stage after the book’s structure and length is right, but it’s more than a quick proofread. It involves word choice; fixing repetition; grammar, spelling and punctuation correction, and our value-adding subhead suggestions.

Structural Editing/Book Development

Because self-publishers don’t have the benefit of a developmental editor, Jennifer can offer this service based on the time taken with you and your book.

Try our two hours of remote coaching and structural editing package over a period of ten months — it will be faster than struggling alone.

From $180 per month/10 months: the same as the structural editing fees alone.

Self-publishing process coaching

Nonfiction self-publishers rejoice! You can be guided through the self-publishing maze, but keep your own ISBN and your retail royalties! Guidance includes answering your questions, giving you the library supplier details, legal deposit info, and helping you get your book onto a Print on Demand platform.

You’ll find out more about this coaching at Jennifer Lancaster author coaching site.

Case study writing

Having written many case studies for a local manufacturer along with writing up interviews for articles on investing and SAAS, we know the power of these amazing lead-generating, credibility-building materials.

Jennifer is only too happy to adjust the length and format for your intended audience.

Case Studies – from one page to four pages.

Laid out with InDesign or created in a doc for use online.

Website copywriting - fixed

Instead of waiting, simply get your website copywriting at a fixed rate.

Copywriting of web pages — project minimum $200, average business website copy project: $1,000.

Research, client briefing, 2 revision rounds, online proofreading, tags, and full copy deck included.

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Book Editing Services

Copy editing is our usual book editing option. It means thoroughly checking your work for spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes, as well as consistency of voice. We highlight any tautology or word repetition. It assumes your basic book structure and headings are OK.

Rates: On seeing the work, from $0.03 to $0.04 per word for copy editing.
$0.07 per word for structural editing.

Cents per word rates include a check of changes the client has approved.

Structural editing is the next level up.  It includes editing suggestions to improve meaning and understanding, including proof of concepts. We help the text flow from one chapter to another. After reviewing these suggestions, we usually do the copy editing level on the second pass.


Other Book Services

  • Book description writing — usually with five hot selling points
  • Professional/Personal Bio or About You
  • Publishing mentoring – from ISBNs to ebooks, library suppliers, ideal print platform, and artwork guides

With any mentoring, you will be supported with advice on your main decisions and what to do next.

niche marketing and book marketing guide

We have many book marketing tips in our client ebook:  ‘The Niche Marketing & Book Guide’, free with service.

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