Jennifer Lancaster copywriter
Situated in sunny Redcliffe, Queensland, the Power of Words owner has been writing copy and blog content for 12 years. Jennifer worked in corporate marketing, direct mail publishers and, much later, started an author academy.
If you’re looking for reader-friendly website copy, or a copy editor to edit, optimise and re-write headings, then have a chat to Jennifer. 

Providing the right solutions is the key to a good result: 
Copywriting is the answer to filling in the unique point of difference and resonating with your target audience, with a pressing reminder to contact you.
Content writing is the answer to optimising your website for searchers and educating them further, usually through blog posts. An attractive guide or chapter is offered to tempt the reader to learn more and subscribe. 
Copy editing is the answer to correcting grammar mistakes, spelling errors, and dividing up long sentences. We may also bold the key phrase of long bullet points, to help the eye.

From the Bookstore

Along with copywriting, Jennifer writes informative books. Books include:Power Marketing (for small business growth) Creative Ways with Money, How to Start a Freelance Business, and Create Your New Life of Abundance
Power Marketing book
Power Marketing means using your book/content to impress a target audience, make more income, and set yourself apart. We enjoy explaining this concept.
Whether you want a large report edited, a case study, an eBook or a complex website written, Power of Words can help reach your goals.

Experience in Writing and Editing

Jennifer often works with service business owners who want to put across their expertise. Mainly, this has been by:
marketing blog Jennifer Lancaster

Jennifer’s indie publishing blog is often found at #2 or #3 on Google for ‘self-publishing help’ or ‘writing coaching’ – 149 articles written.

Copywriting Clients

Don’t be fooled by corporate logos, fancy web design and large fees. Many agencies outsource their copy or content marketing service, with no real camaraderie between writer and client and no genius ideas coming from a free-flowing conversation. Jennifer really wants to get to know you and your business goals.
Web copywriters work with a variety of marketing agencies, startups, soloists, small businesses and non-profit/community enterprises. Clients of Jennifer at Power of Words have included:
Please see our Project Portfolio these are just a sample of what we can do!

Book Editing

Many different coaches, retired professionals and specialists have used our book editing and support services from 2013 on.
Jennifer Lancaster has line edited many books across the health and body, memoir, and personal development genres. She also edits reports and compiles case studies for business.
Power of Words mission statement

To empower and educate in our services and books or training, so the person grows in knowledge and their business grows.