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If you need support to write, create and edit fresh content… and not the same old b-o-r-i-n-g material, then try Power of Words.

Jennifer Lancaster has been writing practical web copy and studying marketing since direct response mailings of the ’90s. 

Would you like to get concrete advice on how to differentiate your service business?

Usually, it’s a good idea to give a juicy carrot (a report, workbook, etc) to website visitors. Using our services, revising your website copy to make it more engaging can also pay off. See the Four Step Marketing Strategy below. 

If you’re looking for reader-friendly website copy, or a copywriter for a lead magnet subscriber offer, then have a chat to Jennifer. She knows how to fix many types of market attraction and conversion problems, with a highly-effective process. 

Providing the right solutions is the key to a good result:

Copywriting is the answer to cookie-cutter content. Filling in the unique point of difference, resonating with your target audience, and prompts for reader action is all part of copywriting. 
We write web copy, brochures, landing pages, letters, and email autoresponders. Copywriting also involves thinking about graphics, SEO needs, and visitor flow.
Content marketing is the answer to optimising your website for searchers and educating them further, usually through blog posts. An attractive guide or chapter (lead magnet) is offered at the website, to tempt the reader to learn more and subscribe. Then we write emails about your purpose and typical client results, including using real numbers and startling facts.
Copy editing is the answer to correcting grammar mistakes, spelling errors, and dividing up long sentences. We may also bold the key phrase of long bullet points, to help the eye.
Copy editing can be done on websites that have been professionally written, or in eBooks and current lead magnets. 

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No-Risk Guarantee

We know we can supply the highest quality and relevant services, but if any Content services do not live up to your expectations then please ask for a re-do OR refund. We will try something new.

Some of Power of Words' Past Clients

Copywriting Clients

Don’t be fooled by corporate logos, fancy web design and large fees. Many agencies outsource their copy or content marketing service, with no free-flowing ideas between writer and client.
By contrast, Jennifer really wants to get to know you and your business goals.
Copywriters work with a variety of marketing agencies, startups, soloists, small businesses and community enterprises. Accountants and Financial Advisors are one niche area we love to service. Writing luxury Property brochures is also a fun challenge
Please see Project Portfoliojust a sample of what we can do!
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The Bookstore

Since 2006, Jennifer has written informative books. The eBooks feature in the store and the print versions are at Amazon or
Power Marketing means using your book or your content to impress a target audience, make more income, and set yourself apart. It also features concepts from direct response marketing. 
Order a print copy, directly and securely at:

Experience in Content Writing and Editing

Jennifer often works with infopreneurs and business owners who want to put across their expertise with clear and meaningful words. Mainly, this has been by:
We know SEO rules. Jennifer’s indie publishing blog is often found at #2 or #3 on Google for ‘self-publishing help’.
Whether you want a large report edited, a case study written and formatted, an eBook or a complex website written, Power of Words can help reach your goals.