Power of Words, an editing, copywriting and book publishing business in Queensland, helps your Book Series or Lead Magnet connect to ideal readers. With individual writing coaching and marketing guidance, we can mentor authors through the entire process.

It's not just about fixing the grammar and proofreading. Past experience in writing books and a decade of website copy writing helps us to connect at a deeper level.

We also want your book or lead generating report to earn a profit. Whether it is through special bonuses weaved into the book or from a landing page for a report, it is our job to focus on Reader Value.

Hello, my name is Jennifer Lancaster. As an experienced copywriter, editor, and blogger, I listen and then guide you, based on what works. My clients are generally professionals and business owners who need an expert to help them write to connect.

Freelancing in copy writing and editing from 2009 to 2014 through a variety of agencies, ensured my thorough knowledge of online marketing. Writing five books helped me learn what not to do--as well as how to edit without pain.

Specialty Topics I have written on include:

  • email marketing and CRM automation
  • personal development
  • time management
  • personal finance and biography
  • small business marketing
  • self-publishing/book marketing

Bonus for All Author Coaching Clients

If you come on board as a writing coaching client or an author marketing client, you will get special access to Business Author Academy for just $5 a month. That's right, five Aussie Dollars!

The information collated is 'just what you need to know' from our self-publishing archive (and brain): a decade's worth of learning. There is no hype, and a 30-day risk-free guarantee.

Jennifer Lancaster and team can help you share your key messages with more people.

Let's have a call and see which service is right for you.