Accountancy Copywriting Services

Jennifer is an expert in writing copy for accountants and financial planners.

Creating web copy for accountants and financial planners takes special care. Professional service providers are great at helping clients and yet they often don’t explain their real value and complementary services on their website and other presences. Does this sound like you? Perhaps a copywriter can help.

Accounting Copywriter
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Blog Topics

We have written blogs and website copy for accountancy practices, SMSF providers and financial planners. Some of the perennially valid topics are:

  • Superannuation: SMSF pros and cons
  • Retirement planning and saving into super (tax effectively)
  • Small business tax planning benefits
  • The benefits of Asset Protection and Trusts (wrote a lead magnet on this)
  • Why not to worry when you are late with your tax return
  • Property investor tax concerns, e.g. depreciation schedules, landlord insurance, etc.

Why not try us with a new topic? We’ll do all the research plus understand your company’s values and mission to help it connect on an emotional level.

Examples of Accountants’ website copy

For ATBS (Accounting Tax and Business Solutions) directors, their aim was to replace the nondescript text on their templated website with customised copy that spoke to small business people’s unmet needs. They wanted to put across their way of working with clients (proactively) and highlight their B1G1 promise.

Unfortunately, this copywriting never became public due to a lack of the website developer’s honesty.

Jennifer has written for many accountants and financial services, including property investment companies.

Here is a copy editing sample from US Tax Central

Here is a copy writing sample: ATBS Accountants website sample.

Grammar Checked

As Jennifer also edits books, she has extended her knowledge of grammar. It pays to have these editing skills when looking afresh at the piece.

Introducing your accountancy and financial matters copywriter

Jennifer Lancaster has been writing copy for accountants, financial planners and other service professionals since 2010. She has also worked a little for an accountancy practice as a marketing specialist. 

Creating copy or re-writing copy is no problem. Jennifer is great at asking you questions that get to the heart of your differentiating factors. The “why” of what you do as well as the “care factor”.


Experience with financial topics

She has written a book “How to Control Your Financial Destiny” and so understands investing and money matters from the novice’s perspective. She writes a blog called ‘Money Muse’, as well as her own 175-post blog. 


Emotional Approach

She also understands there is a lot of angst and emotion around personal finances and business financial planning. Therefore, she will help with the right words to help the reader feel at ease. 

Jennifer Lancaster copywriter