Take a look at our freelance writing and editing portfolio, dating back to 2009.  More book projects are at Jennifer Lancaster website.

Secrets Tax Report Writing

Writing of a 12-page report for property specialist Accountants, Lee & Lee. 

Sections included:

1. Asset Protection: Plan ahead for the best tax savings

2. Protecting your ownership interest (for the long term)

(The Three Main Threats to Your Assets)

3. Leverage through Lending

4. Decide How Much Tax You Want to Pay in Advance

5. Prepare for a Royal Retirement

(Including ‘The many benefits of using an SMSF to buy property’, and Compliance)

About Tony Lee.

Just Working Hard… or Working Hard and Smart?


Across the years 2011-2017, Jennifer co-wrote, edited and typeset all A4 case studies for Aim Lab’s blood archiving machines. About 7 in total.

We got the interview on paper, then with the help of some in-house guidance (thanks Ralph), brought out the best points about the installation. 

Each was 1-2 pages long.

RCm logo

Ghost writing of five blog articles for Rental Car Manager and social media posting. See my example below.

Work included editing their Features and Benefits website page. 

Four Major Objections Customers Have when Renting a Car


  1. Insurance.

Nobody wants an expensive accident to ruin their holiday, and rental vehicle company excesses are usually too high for comfort. Collision damage waiver excess can be a bugbear to customers who front up with a special $xx a day car rental deal in mind. Adding on $22 to $28 a day to bring the excess down can impinge their happiness and even switch their mind to transport alternatives.

There are alternatives that may save the day… and the deal. Many customers have gold or platinum Visa, Mastercard or Amex, and a good portion of these come with rental car insurance, including a reasonable excess. They only need to check their credit card information to ensure coverage.

Customers from overseas probably purchased travel insurance, and these policies often include the rental car coverage on excess of up to $5000, bringing it down to just $100 for excess on any policy claims.  (Example from 1Cover travel insurance).

  1. Baby Seats

Parents of babies and toddlers naturally want reassurance that any baby seat provided will be safe and the right one. If jumping into shuttle buses or taxis, their little one is not normally provided for safely (unless they carry their own capsule), and so as a caring rental car company, you’ll have the advantage.

There are strict laws in most western countries regarding baby seats for different ages. Know your country’s child restraint laws and always ask the age of the infant or child when the booking is taken.  Rental Car Manager’s software allows you to input this information.

Check Drive Now’s comparison on child seat prices at various car and campervan rental agencies. http://www.drivenow.com.au/child-restraints.jspc   In Australia and New Zealand there are stringent child restraint laws, and overseas child restraints are not going to meet the legal standards if travelling there.

  1. High Daily Rates

Naturally with the costs of holidays, the daily rate of a medium car can seem quite high to a family. In this case, why not remind the customer of your “weekly rates special”. A lot of people don’t know that the daily rates come down with a 7-day or 10-day hire. It makes their life easier if they can zoom around a bit longer. If they are deciding between 5 and 7 days, you could say they get the last day’s hire thrown in for free, with no relocation fee if they bring it back to the same location.

  1. Relocation Fees

Many companies charge a lot more for relocation (one-way hires). If you are one that doesn’t charge extra for relocations, saving the customer both time and money, then draw their attention to it on your booking website or at the counter.

If however, there is a levy, ensure that you discuss or highlight this at an early stage. Discussing their options for drop-offs is a great way to keep the customer thinking about your hire options, rather than ruling it out due to surcharges.

Special Report Editing

Editing a Report

Editing of a 4-page special report on Systems Thinking for Organising Works!

We have 50 more portfolio samples, including copy writing for consumer drinks, copy editing of a ride share app brochure, copy for real estate, blog posts galore, sales letters about termite protection, introduction letters, email sales letters, case studies, and fundraising letters. 

We even wrote web copy for an adult toy and a pain-reducing product.

You name it, Jennifer at Power of Words has written it.