10 Creative Service Marketing Ideas

creative service marketing ideas

[audio m4a="https://powerofwords.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/Audio-creative-service-marketing-ideas.m4a"][/audio] Everyone in marketing is talking about customers, growth hacks, and selling more products. But if you’re a small service business, you have clients and services. Time is limited and that’s all you bill for.  Since the majority of blog talk these days is about product selling, you’ve just turned off from it.  What about new creative marketing ideas for your service…?  Here are some of the best.   Creative Service Marketing Ideas -- Quick Wins Marketing can be daunting these days. Do you start with posting images on social media?  Do you update your blog? So many options… and yet there are amazingly skilled people who are not sharing their value with people of interest. Here are a...

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