Book Review – Everyday Ways to Win in Office Life

Some of us have worked in offices, others are stuck in one right now, trying to deal with the unwritten rules and weird personas all around us. If this is you and you have some time to read on the commute, I think you’ll have a laugh at Everyday Ways to Win in Office Life.

As I recall my corporate office jobs (thanks ResMed), I find myself nodding my head and smiling to the witty observations the author makes. There are helpful parts as well, such as how to deal with certain ‘manager types’ in typical offices. When you’ve had a really bad day because a senior manager has swooped down to give you a project with a yesterday deadline, because apparently they told you about it at a meeting that you weren’t even in, then you’ll find some solace in his description and advice for “the seagull”.

This ebook certainly does make me less envious of the office crowd.

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About Martin Hadfield

Martin has spent many years working and observing life in the office environment in both public and private sector organisations. After sharing some of his eccentric observations with the captive audience in his office, Martin realised that people spend most of their time working in offices without even understanding their environment or trying to make it better.

So, now Martin is on a mission to encourage the everyday employee to think more about seeking happiness in the office, a place where we all spend so much of our time.