Why is the Power of Words important?

More than 20 years ago I found out that some words have more powerful emotional resonance than others. These ‘power words’ are often used by copywriters — usually in headlines — to induce a subconscious reaction.

Copywriting is any writing that persuades or influences. I wanted to use powerful words in client sales copy and other writing, and so, Power of Words was born. (At www.pow.net.au).

Although this Unbounce article on power words believes that ‘easy’ and ‘bargain’ are both power words; these never appeared in the original list of the most powerful English words by the psychology department at Yale University. Here are the 10 power words:











* The no.1 most powerful word found in studies

Also worth a mention, when you want to write a sparkling headline, include one of these:

HOW … as in How to (solve a problem you have)



Why I Turn Your Business Writing on its Head

The reason that I turn most business writing around and take out many of the we’s (if meaning ‘the company’), is because everyone is most interested in themselves. If you want to sell more widgets or sign up more subscribers, then speak directly… using ‘you’ or ‘your’. Don’t bother with puffery, jargon, and longer words than any news report; just use plain, conversational language.

If the writing is friendly, understandable, and it contains at least one call to action, then we as copywriters have done our job. At the end of the day, people buy from those they like, not those they can barely understand.

By the way, your organisation can learn the art of copywriting… an art that will keep on paying the business bills. Just call me on 0403 125 038 for a consultation in or near Redcliffe, Qld.