Sales Conversion Principles

Understanding sales conversion principles is a necessity in any profitable business. This is because if you understand which types of media and messages get a good response, you can focus more on these and save by culling the non-performing avenues.

Plus, once you get beyond a simple solo operation, tracking all print ad responses, social media activity and email mailout responses can be a little daunting.

Some questions you should ask yourself are:

Where are my main clients coming from? Specifically, what percentages are from referrals, advertising, and content… and what medium has proven the best for us?

Which ads and articles just aren’t working? Let’s remove or edit these. Perhaps try a new headline in newspaper/print ads instead of the service name. Try a call to action that contains a juicy offer. A copywriter (such as myself) specialises in writing powerful headlines, copy and offers. That’s the kind of copy we talk about; not the kind where you are infringing on others copyright!

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To learn what advertising works by tracking your incoming phone calls, there are various systems on the market. One of these is called Xnum by MondoTalk.

To learn what works regarding your website visitors and contact form, Google Analytics has many of the answers, or set up a goal first to work out the actual visitor to $ conversion result. The system ‘CrazyEgg’ is an alternative way to spot web visitors’ movements.

To learn what works in email marketing, a system such as MailChimp or Infusionsoft can let you how many people opened and clicked on your emails.

Even LinkedIn has tracking tools. You can see who has visited your profile and articles, and how many have contacted you, with more information shown when you become a premium user.

So, getting to a “Yes” may take many different forms. But if you have got the tools to track costly advertising, article writing and website content, then you are way better off than the person who is just scattering out flyers and re-ordering advertising that they hope is working.


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