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How to Publish a Book

It's not as difficult as it once was to self-publish your own book (or ebook).  First off, decide how much work you want to take on before getting all excited. You may think writing is the main thing, yet editing, production, and marketing a book is equally time-intensive and important. Writing As a mentor/writing coach, I can even help you with the writing part by giving you pointers in a Skype session every month as you write. Along with a timeline co-created, this will keep you on track towards your goal. At Key Person of Influence they promote writing a book in 30 days (high sweat!). At Power of Words, we suggest a three month or six month schedule, fit around your work...

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Why Book Design is a Specialist Field

book design specialist

Here we are talking about indie book publishing and book design. By your fourth book, using templates and/or preformed styles, you might be at the stage where you can typeset your own book beautifully. But DIY design your first book and you could end up with a very non-standard looking book indeed. For instance, the leading (line spacing) may be too tight to read comfortably. Too many questions may come up, like: what is the correct page margin? How do I line up the text bottoms? How do I achieve a consistent look? Granted, for fiction you could probably get away with using Microsoft Word... if you make it a standard book size with correct margins for the chosen printer or print-on-demand host. Sizing… There are plenty of rules....

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Create an Author Website… without a Migraine

author website design and creation

When you’ve already expended two to four grand to edit, produce and promote your book, the realisation that you need an author website to promote it online might bring up these two questions: 1.  Do I create a book website or an author website? 2.  How do I get a good result without busting my bank account? There are a few more things to consider as well, so let’s open this can of worms now.  You need to know how to upload new books, social share, and post articles and media mentions. Naturally the best option to do this is with WordPress, but there is another option below. You’ll need to realise that free isn’t without cost, and the choice...

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Marketing Planning for Consultants

content marketing

Have you ever done the revealing process of compiling a Marketing Plan?  If you do, you'll discover what a difference it can make to your consulting business's vision, plan, and future marketing strategy. (Get a Marketing Planning Template below). People often overlook the most simple and helpful things in their rush to 'get on with it' and bring in some leads. If you're presently stuck with poor website conversion, lost leads (due to wrong market fit), or dismal numbers from advertising, then going back to the planning and targeting stage is going to help you immensely. The Government's 'My Business' tools are handy—and the best part is, they’re free.  If you haven't done a marketing plan or schedule yet, then take...

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Book Review – Everyday Ways to Win in Office Life

Office life ebook

Some of us have worked in offices, others are stuck in one right now, trying to deal with the unwritten rules and weird personas all around us. If this is you and you have some time to read on the commute, I think you'll have a laugh at Everyday Ways to Win in Office Life. As I recall my corporate office jobs (thanks ResMed), I find myself nodding my head and smiling to the witty observations the author makes. There are helpful parts as well, such as how to deal with certain 'manager types' in typical offices. When you've had a really bad day because a senior manager has swooped down to give you a project with a yesterday deadline, because apparently they told you about...

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Book Promotion with PromoCave

Earlier on, we talked about how authors need to get book listings, like on BookLife (post here). Today's discovery is Promocave, which not only lets you list and promote your book for free, it also helps us authors with a webinar about Amazon SEO (1 hr 36 m), among other training topics. Author Jorge Olsen gives a new insight into keywords, categories, and how Amazon advertises on behalf of authors. You can also advertise inside Amazon, but here we focus on free avenues. Jorge doesn't mention this, but don't forget the Amazon rule: you cannot use a particular 'keyword' when you have that word in your title or subtitle. (More about Amazon Keywords and Categories on our blog). Promocave, with its 150,000 authors, also has a discussion forum...

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Rank on Amazon – Keywords, Categories

amazon rankings

Over the holiday season, I was researching how to rank on Amazon for clients' books and my own books. I have discovered things you can do with keywords, categories, and even the annual program Amazon Advantage to improve rankings. That said, Amazon isn't everything and every avenue. In fact, it's just a start. I found this very useful but long excerpt, How to Use Categories to Drive Book Sales. Basically, we can elect to choose the two most specific, in demand yet less competitive categories -- books with similar content to ours. Here is a little more about why you want the Kindle Best-Seller ranking and how to get it. Choosing Keywords Self-Publishers can also select 7 Keywords that relate to their book's...

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Content Writer or Copywriter – What’s the Difference?

When people want to get content written for their website, they believe they want a content writer. But starting with the word content is deceptive. Content could be blog news, media releases, free reports/guides, PDF brochures, or it could just mean the main website pages. More than just what the writing is, the difference is focus. A copywriter writes with the sole point of attracting, interesting, stirring a desire and creating action from their words. While the verbiage has to be lively and grammatically OK, it's more important to be relevant to the reader's desires than it is to be formal and use superior English grammar. A content writer is looking to fill a brief of writing news, blog posts, supporting content, and usually...

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Why is the Power of Words important?

Power of Words

More than 20 years ago I found out that some words have more powerful emotional resonance than others. These 'power words' are often used by copywriters -- usually in headlines -- to induce a subconscious reaction. Copywriting is any writing that persuades or influences. I wanted to use powerful words in client sales copy and other writing, and so, Power of Words was born. (At Although this Unbounce article on power words believes that 'easy' and 'bargain' are both power words; these never appeared in the original list of the most powerful English words by the psychology department at Yale University. Here are the 10 power words: FREE YOU* LOVE DISCOVER GUARANTEE SAVE SAFETY NEW HEALTH POWER * The no.1 most powerful word found in studies Also worth a mention, when you...

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Sales Conversion Principles

Yes conversion principles

Understanding sales conversion principles is a necessity in any profitable business. This is because if you understand which types of media and messages get a good response, you can focus more on these and save by culling the non-performing avenues. Plus, once you get beyond a simple solo operation, tracking all print ad responses, social media activity and email mailout responses can be a little daunting. Some questions you should ask yourself are: Where are my main clients coming from? Specifically, what percentages are from referrals, advertising, and content... and what medium has proven the best for us? Which ads and articles just aren't working? Let's remove or edit these. Perhaps try a new headline in newspaper/print ads instead of...

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Promote your Service with Five Easy Ideas

Many small business managers are wasting fruitless energy pursuing mass marketing tactics -- aiming to blanket their local area. In addition to newsletters, there are plenty of other ways to promote yourself and your services to a narrower, more interested audience. 1. Publicity in the local newspaper, if you are new in town, have just joined another partner business, are hosting a seminar, or are in the midst of inventing something. 2. Put on a low cost event that resonates with your target market or a free seminar night at your office. (Or at Redcliffe Hive / event hire space). It's often worth it to rehearse your presentations among friends or your own networking club first. 3. Ask a supplier or a noted...

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