Three Types of Content to Reach Your Audience

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When you are building up a reader platform, seriously consider creating and giving content and ebooks away.  These will help sell both "you" (your services or overall brand) and your current book.  It's Content Marketing 101. And it comes across far better than shouting "here's my book -- do you wanna buy it?" So, what are these easily-created content items? They are blog posts, print articles and news releases. (Newsletter articles no longer have their own category, because smart marketers send their blog posts to their reader list, perhaps adding a small editorial). Blog Posts The most read and shared kind of content is How To posts, Picture List Posts (montage stories, comparisons or before/after images), Infographics and Quizzes (according to...

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New Ideas to Promote a Service via Ebooks

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Do you want to promote a coaching or consulting service? Do you do guest talks, hold workshops, etc?  Then there is no better way to broaden your service awareness and extend your intellectual property than with an eBook. An eBook, when done in a strategic way, can cement your authority in a niche. For instance, I have a client who is an Organisational Development consultant and her topic of interest is "followership". Not many people are looking for that topic, however the related topic "Leadership" is pretty hot. So in branding her book, it would have to clearly explain the USP (unique selling proposition) of this book and solve a problem.  Something like "Get Your Team to Lead", Subtitle: "Relax, Reduce Conflicts, and Smile More with...

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